About Me


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I'm Brandon



I love lots of things; sports, politics, literature, comedy, absurdist philosophy, Denver, 80's hardcore punk, awkward gestures, and Christopher Walken accents, but what I am most passionate about is filmmaking. I watch movies constantly! Name a movie and I have probably seen it. If I haven't, I will watch it and have a review for you within a day. Movies and filmmaking are my everything!

I bring this perspective of cinematic storytelling to the wedding films that I make. If you want a person to simply just document your wedding, I'm probably not your guy. To me, your wedding day should be a day where your love transcends the material world and what I want to do is make a film that captures that. You can't do that by just setting up a couple cameras and pressing record. You have to care, work hard, and find those moments that don't make themselves immediately apparent. That's what I'll do. Well... and set up a couple cameras and press record.



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